At real-time scoring we want to give you an updated overview of the scores in different tournaments. However, at the moment that is not something we can do, as there are some technical issues that need to be resolved.

While we wait for the technical staff and also some marketing issues to be resolved, we want to offer information and tips about golf. This game, as most other sports games, have its own special vocabulary and also a set of etiquette rules and regulations.

Golf is a SPORT

People tend to discuss whether or not this is a sport. Hitting a small ball with a club and just strolling along on the golf course can seem to be a Sunday activity and not a sport.

There is a lot more to golf than just strolling along on the green. Even when you just want to play for fun, you need to practice muscle control. Hitting the ball right is not something that can be taught in an hour. The player has to develop the right muscles to hit the ball with just the right amount of force. Too hard and it will go too far, too soft and it won’t go far enough. And of course you also need to ensure that the ball also goes in the direction that you want.

Focus, mental strength, physical strength: this is a sport where only the best makes it to the top.

A bit of exercise for the amateurs

When it comes to Walking on the green is also great exercise, as the bag filled with golf club can be heavy. However, this is not a sport where you start dripping of sweat and you get a top cardio-vascular exercise.

Rather this is a good way to get a gentle exercise and often a social exercise. In this manner golf is a good way to get people who are reluctant to use gyms, have a disability or just don’t like to exercise, to get moving.

A friendly wager

As with most sports, it is possible to bet money on the outcome of a tournament or a golf wage.
Many players will make a friendly wager, something like: the loser pays for lunch, when playing.

This makes it that much more interesting. The larger tournaments are covered by betting companies so people can win a great deal of money on this game. Many betting companies also slots online. If you wanna read more about is we recommend the site

The top players in this sport are paid just as much, if not more, than players in other sports. Thus you have a complete support system with coaches, medical professionals and so forth.

For most of us, the game will remain a friendly game with the added benefit of gentle exercise. However, if you want to ensure that you keep on track and get out on the golf course regularly, find somebody that you can compete with. A friendly wager makes it all that much more interesting!